Spirit Launch Apprenticeships Team

Spirit Pub Company, the firm who own and manage brands such as Chef & Brewer and Flaming Grill Pubs has launched a new full time team to deliver the apprenticeship training programmes  that the company offers.

The full time team of eleven will deliver the existing five apprenticeship training programmes that the company offers.

Now in its fourth year, Spirit has more than 1,500 candidates on apprenticeships and recruits in 70 new people a month. The company aims to have at least one apprentice in each pub, after mentioning earlier this year that they plan to double the number of candidates on its apprenticeship scheme.

Jo Bradford, national qualifications manager for Spirit Pub Company, said:

“By recruiting our own team of apprenticeship trainers, we are able to focus on growing the number of candidates, as well as further developing the way in which training is delivered, both of which will ultimately help us achieve our goal to have at least one apprentice in every pub, and continue to implement an industry-leading apprenticeship scheme.”


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